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Many people remember being guided through a museum’s galleries by a docent during an elementary or middle school class field trip. But when was the last time you participated in a group tour? Did you know that you can discover (or rediscover) the Museum’s masterpieces during a FREE, guided, docent-led experience?

The Museum engages thousands of visitors of all ages per year through FREE docent-led tours. Tours for adults emphasize close looking, idea sharing, and conversation geared to adult visitors.

To all adults who seek an enjoyable, mind-expanding outing for clubs, business groups, or other organizations, look no further. Create new memories at the Museum. Use our online request form or call 205.254.2964 to schedule your docent-led tour of the Museum today! All docent-led tours must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance.

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Here are the tours we offer for adults:

Special Exhibitions

Click to see which special exhibitions we have on view now, and which special exhibitions are upcoming!

Please note that some special exhibitions are ticketed. There is no additional cost for docent-led tours above the price of admission.

Discovering the BMA

The Birmingham Museum of Art, one of the finest regional museums in the United States, houses a diverse collection of more than 25,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and decorative arts dating from ancient to modern times. The collection presents a rich panorama of cultures, featuring extensive holdings of Asian, European, American, African, Pre-Columbian, and Native American art.

Whether your group is looking to discover some of our “greatest hits” or to explore more in-depth topics related to our collections – sample topics include Asian Ceramics, Southeast Asian Ceramics, Clay for Art’s Sake, European Landscapes, a two-part History of Art tour, Lifestyles of the 18th-Century Rich and Famous, The Intelligent Eye, and many more! – we can customize a tour for you.

Click here for more information about Discovering the BMA tours.

Slow Art Experiences

Slow food, slow living, slow… art? Unlock the secrets of an artwork in the Museum’s collection by cultivating the art of looking slowly. Our docents ask and answer questions to help guide your Slow Art Experience and to foster conversation. Leave the Museum feeling inspired — not tired!

We can also customize several of our standard tours and studio add-ons with content for an adult audience. Click on a tour below to read more!