The Collection at the BMA

Medium: bone

Tapa Scraper

  • South Pacific, Oceanic
  • bone

Coptic Doll


Cemi/Zemi Pendant

  • Taino culture, Pre-Columbian
  • bone

Lizard Charm Figure

  • Lega people, Democratic Republic of the Congo, African
  • bone
Bone fleshing tool made of a large bone, rounded for a hand hold for most of the length. The top shows the natural bone shape of the joint. The edge is cut slanting through the cylindrical bone and is serrate

Bone Fleshing Tool

  • Tahltan, Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, Northwest Coast, Native American
  • bone

Spear Point

  • Eskimo people, Inuit people, Alaska, Subarctic, Northwest Coast, Native American
  • bone