Wine Goblet

Designed by Otto Prutscher, Meyr's Neffe, Adolfshütte, Retailed by E. Bakalowitz Söhne, Vienna

About 1907

Otto Prutscher was born in Vienna and studied with well-known designer Josef Hoffmann at the Vienna School of Decorative Arts. Together with Hoffmann, Koloman Moset, and other designers, Prutscher founded the Wiener Werkstätte in 1903. This goblet is typical of the austere modernist style know as Viennese Secession. Designers working in this style were true ornamentalists with a wonderfully distinctive style and a preference for flat ornament that lies directly on the surface of the object. The Secession style was disseminated through the pedagogy of the Vienna School of Decorative Arts and was adopted by many of Vienna’s leading designers.