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The Collection

Helmet Mask, Biombo people, Democratic Republic of the Congo, African, wood, pigment, and metal

Helmet Mask

Mask/headdress composed of male face with beard and pierced eyes, topped by head-ware which includes sculpted drum resting on framework, held in place by sculpted fabric tie.

Headdress (Gelede)

Seated Ibis with painted wooden body; cast bronze legs and feet, head and neck.


White-faced helmet mask of woman's face and head, surmounted by child figure

Queen of Women Mask (eze nwanyi)

Pot Lid, Woyo people, Democratic Republic of the Congo, African, wood

Pot Lid

  • Woyo people, Democratic Republic of the Congo, African
  • wood
Society Emblem (drung mgbe), Ejagham people, Republic of Cameroon, and Nigeria, African, fiber, skulls, wood, horns, gourds, leather, and patina

Society Emblem (drung mgbe)

Stool (do-tshom), Baga people, Guinea, African, wood, polychrome

Stool (do-tshom)

Broad oblong forged-iron blade with very slight concave curve terminates in a straight edge, which extends slightly beyond the oblong on either side (similar to silhouette of a bell); short, conical spike extends from straight edge of blade.

Currency Blade

  • Afo people, Nigeria, African
  • iron
Helmet mask with female face has glossy, black surface, elaborate plaited coiffure, band of horizontal marks on forehead, slitted eyes, bulging rings around neck, and black raffia fringe attached to base.

Helmet Mask (sowo)

Costume for Egungun Masquerade, Yoruba people, Oyo region, Nigeria, African, textiles, wood, metal

Costume for Egungun Masquerade