At the Museum, the Far East doesn’t seem so far away after all! ImaginAsia brings the many cultures of Asia to life, thanks to our robust collection, which includes the finest collection of Vietnamese ceramics in the country, the only gallery for Korean art in the Southeast, and diverse collections of Chinese and Japanese fine and decorative arts. Gain a greater multicultural understanding of world history through the ancient cultures of China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.


Grades 3–adult


60 minutes


60 visitors

Tour type



  • Close looking
  • Analysis of observations
  • Finding similarities between cultures
  • Exploration of ancient cultures


Visitors will learn about:

  • The Silk Road: Visitors will discuss how the Silk Road enabled the trade and dissemination of ideas; religion and cultural beliefs; motifs and subject matter; style and design; and techniques across geography and between cultures. Visitors will compare and contrast works between cultures.
  • Religion and belief systems: Visitors will learn how art demonstrates the beliefs and ideas of the cultures who created them (i.e. religious beliefs, concepts of life and death, important deities, etc.).
  • Ancient civilizations: Visitors will explain how ancient art and other archaeological findings provide evidence of the nature and lifestyle of prehistoric people (i.e. technology, customs, division of labor, government, writing, etc.).

For teachers

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