Follow the Moccasin Path: The Native American Experience

Walk in the footsteps of our nation’s first settlers, the Native Americans. Along the Moccasin Path, discover the world of Native Americans through the customs, values, and beliefs found in their art. From pottery used every day to headdresses used during special ceremonies, the art in our Native American gallery explores the rituals of tribes throughout the country.




60 minutes


45 visitors




  • Exploration of non-western cultures
  • Compare and contrast
  • Discover how objects reflect lifestyle


Visitors will:

  • Compare major Native American cultures in respect to geographic region and natural resources available to the art that was produced
  • Examine the various patterns on the objects closely to differentiate between geometric and organic designs
  • Examine objects to determine how they reflect the culture that produced it and their lifestyle
  • Examine the reverence for animals and nature by examining the materials used to create the objects

For teachers

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