The Collection at the BMA

Medium: hard-paste porcelain with overglaze enamel colors and gilding

Figure of Harlequin seated on a tree stump on small base decorated with green leaves and colorful flowers, wearing a gray hat, his costume half yellow and half checkered in shades of blue, red, and black, wearing underneath a white shirt with ruffled collar and cuffs, his left hand is raised to his face, thumbing his nose, while his right hand twists the tail of a monkey, which is pinned under his right leg

Harlequin with a Monkey


On small base decorated with green leaves stands the figure of Harlequin against a tree stump wearing turquoise knee breeches with lilac florettes and a red tunic with gilt banding, incised scroll design, and yellow bows down the front over a white shirt with ruffled collar and cuffs, on his head rests a gilt-edged tricorn hat with white bow, his shoes are yellow with lilac florettes, under his right arm he holds a lute, his left arm raises a tall pass glass to his mouth

Musical Harlequin with Pass Glass

Dancing Columbine

Group of a happy Harlequin family consisting of Columbine wearing a turquoise and black bodice over white ruffled shirt, with white apron and red and white striped skirt, her left arm is raised and she holds a pince nez to Harlequin's face, in her right arm she holds a child Harlequin wearing a checkered costume in shades of yellow, black, red, and white, a red hat, which he holds on his head with his left hand, his right hand reaches out to grasp a potato or roll that his father is offering him; the grinning adult Harlequin wears a checkered costume, the trousers in alternating yellow, red, white, and turquoise, his tunic in red, yellow, and white with turquoise bows down the front and ruffled collar and cuffs, he also wears a red, plumed hat with large turquoise bow, his right arm in around the back of Columbine, in his left hand the potato or roll, the base encrusted with green leaves and large colorful flowers

Harlequin Family

Harlequin Family

Harlequin with a Pug Dog as Hurdy Gurdy

Figure of Harlequin seated on a white tree stump on small base, his left leg resting on side of stump while his right leg rests on the ground, his right arm is outstretched and he holds his upturned gray hat in his hand, in his left hand he holds a white and gilt open tankard, which rests on his upper thigh, this with the date "1740" in gold; he wears trousers in a checkered pattern in lilac, green, and black, and red shoes with blue bows, his tunic is incised in a checkered pattern, which the painter did not follow exactly, and is painted in red, yellow, and white with gilt buttons, he wears a half mask covering his upper face

Seated Harlequin with a Tankard

The Quack Doctor