Past Exhibitions

Mary Lucier: The Plains of Sweet Regret

March 25, 2009 - July 15, 2009

Mary Lucier is considered one of the pioneers of video as an art form. The artist’s 18-minute, five-channel video installation employs four video projections, two plasma screens, surround sound, and various rescued objects and artifacts to tell the story of

Body Image: American Art and the Human Form

January 13, 2009 - May 10, 2009

The human body has been an important subject for artistic expression since prehistoric times. Indeed, the most fundamental training for any artist long consisted of the study of anatomy and life drawing. While some artists depict the human form to

Folk Art Gallery

January 01, 2009 - December 31, 2009

The Museum has devoted its Arrington gallery to the exhibition of folk art.  Objects on display are from the Museum’s permanent collection, augmented by an occasional private collection loan.  The term “folk art” is used broadly to encompass work that has been variously labeled

New Hands, Native Lands: Contemporary American Indian Ceramics and Textiles

October 05, 2008 - February 08, 2009

The exhibition New Hands, Native Lands presents recent Navajo pictorial textiles and Pueblo pottery from the American Southwest as a compelling blend of tradition and innovation in both craft and design.The Pueblos are a group of 30 Native American villages,including the well-known

Leonardo da Vinci: Drawings from the Biblioteca Reale in Turin

September 28, 2008 - November 09, 2008

Group of Leonardo Drawings Shown for First Time in U.S. The Birmingham Museum of Art hosted host one of the most significant groups of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci to be loaned to a U.S. museum by the Biblioteca Reale

Sharon Louden: Taking Turns

September 28, 2008 - January 04, 2009

This exhibition presents new work by New York-based artist Sharon Louden that will visually connect the Museum’s galleries and the Sculpture Garden. Louden’s work primarily focuses on gesture, line, and materials. She uses three mediums in this project: fiber optic sculpture

Marion Post Wolcott: Photographing the South

September 21, 2008 - December 31, 2008

As a female photographer in the 1930s, Marion Post Wolcott was required to cover fashion stories and events for the ladies’ pages. Frustrated, she sought and landed a job with the Farm Security Administration in 1938. Following the path of

A New Twist: German Ceramics from the 1950s

June 08, 2008 - September 07, 2008

During the immediate post-war period, the German ceramics industry experienced an explosion of form, decoration, and color on a scale unlike anything else in the 20th century. While classic forms were decorated with bold new glaze combinations, new and exaggerated

Contemporary Korean Prints: Kim Sangku

June 08, 2008 - September 07, 2008

The print tradition in Korea is an ancient one. Woodblock printing of Buddhist texts and images began in the 8th century, and moveable metal type for printing was invented in Korea in the 13th century. A rising star in the