Past Exhibitions


January 01, 2016 - May 31, 2016

a temporary platform for social exchange   For five months shift will occupy the ground floor storefront at 1910 3rd Ave. N in Birmingham’s Theatre and Arts District. A Birmingham Museum of Art initiative, shift is a satellite space in

lobby projects: Bethany Collins

April 16, 2016 - August 28, 2016

lobby projects is a new initiative by the Birmingham Museum of Art that invites contemporary artists to create site-specific commissions in the Museum’s main entrance. lobby projects’ debut artist is Bethany Collins. A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Bethany is a

Seeing Things

January 15, 2016 - May 20, 2016

“The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe.” John Berger When you engage in the act of ‘seeing’, you do so through the lens of your own thoughts and beliefs. ‘Seeing’ is a

Manuel Álvarez Bravo

August 03, 2015 - December 18, 2015

Manuel Álvarez Bravo was one of Mexico’s most renowned photographers of the twentieth century. Working during the post-revolutionary (1910-21) creative heyday when artists were drawn to Mexico from across the world, Bravo became friends with Edward Weston, Tina Modotti, Andre

Haitian Flags from the Cargo Collection

December 19, 2015 - June 26, 2016

Beaded and sequined flags, called drapo, are an important component of Vodoun, a religion that was established on the island of Haiti beginning in the 1500s. The Spanish, followed by the French, enslaved hundreds of thousands of West and Central

Inherited Scars: A Meditation on the Southern Gothic

April 02, 2015 - August 09, 2015

You’ve come here looking for some sort of essential truth about the South or some spiritual revelation. And you’re not going to find it, unless by accident or grace. (Some) people know about it. I guess they have what Flannery

Rising Up: Hale Woodruff’s Murals at Talladega College

June 13, 2015 - September 06, 2015

In 1938 Atlanta-based artist Hale Woodruff was commissioned to paint a series of murals for Talladega College, Alabama, one of the first colleges established for blacks in the United States. Installed in the institution’s newly constructed Savery Library, the six

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Life in Pictures

January 16, 2015 - April 19, 2015

The Birmingham Museum of Art proudly honors the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with this selection of photos from our collection, documenting his extraordinary life and work. The Museum itself has directly benefited from

Between Fantasy and Reality: Frank Fleming

February 27, 2015 - August 09, 2015

Between Fantasy and Reality takes a focused approach in exploring the early period of Alabama artist Frank Fleming. Fleming has been working as an artist in Alabama for over forty years and is best known for his large-scale bronze sculptures,