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Cylindrical urn depicting personage sitting cross-legged with hands resting on feet. Figure wears elaborate headdress and mask; forked tongue emerges from open mouth.

Urn Representing Cosijo, the God of Rain

  • Zapotec culture, Monte Alban, Pre-Columbian
  • fired clay
Abstracted pyramidal shaped figure of seated woman with head and body wrapped in blanket, holding a pot

The Potter

  • Allan Houser, Apache people, Native American
  • bronze
Glossy blackware bowl with Avanyu (water serpent) in raised relief within deeply carved recessed band around bowl; tongue of water serpent in shape of zig-zag terminating in arrow. Areas of the recessed band around Avanyu in matte black.


John the Baptist pours water from a bowl onto Christ who stands in a stream. A Dominican nun kneels in the foreground below John and two angels look on in the background.

The Baptism of Christ

Silver porringer, a small bowl, typically with a handle, used for soup, stew, or similar dishes, of typical form comprised of a round  bowl with keyhole handle, engraved on the top of the handle with the initials R over I * H.