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Group of a grinning Harlequin and Columbine dancing on a small oval base decorated with green leaves and small colorful flowers, between the figures sits a small pug dog, Columbine wears a small black hat with gilt trim, a black bodice with yellow bows down the front and a small rose at her décolleté over a white ruffled blouse, her skirt is white with "indianische Blumen," her apron is a light yellow, her arms are outstretched with black bows at wrists, and she playfully pushes Harlequin away; Harlequin leans out to his left, with left leg raised in a dancing position, wearing white trousers and a tunic that is half checkered in shades of black, lilac, turquoise, and yellow, with a yellow sleeve decorated with cards, the other half is white with a card design, the sleeve of similar checkered pattern, with ruffs at neck and wrists, his turquoise hat is tall and pointed with a bouquet of flowers and a large yellow bow, gilt details

Harlequin and Columbine Dancing

The Collection

Moroccan Scene, Henry Ossawa Tanner, oil on canvas

Moroccan Scene

Cylindrical urn depicting personage sitting cross-legged with hands resting on feet. Figure wears elaborate headdress and mask; forked tongue emerges from open mouth.

Urn Representing Cosijo, the God of Rain

  • Zapotec culture, Monte Alban, Pre-Columbian
  • fired clay

The End of the Trail

  • James Earle Fraser, Gorham Company Founders
  • bronze
Intricate stand of finely chased silver designed to support a matching basket, resting on four heavy, scrolled feet with shell motifs, the pierced stand curves inward and upward in a dynamic pattern of scrolling foliage and flowers, the lower edge irregular and centered on each of the four sides with a cast and applied mask, the upper edge likewise irregular and ornamented with foliage, with four undecorated edges at which rest the feet of the basket.

Stand for a Basket

  • Paul Storr, London, England
  • silver
Large, highly detailed sculpture of Siva and Parvati and their two children

Uma-Mahesvara (Siva and Parvati)

Footed Plate, “River God’s Plate”