The Collection at the BMA

The Collection

Cylindrical urn depicting personage sitting cross-legged with hands resting on feet. Figure wears elaborate headdress and mask; forked tongue emerges from open mouth.

Urn Representing Cosijo, the God of Rain

  • Zapotec culture, Monte Alban, Pre-Columbian
  • fired clay
John the Baptist pours water from a bowl onto Christ who stands in a stream. A Dominican nun kneels in the foreground below John and two angels look on in the background.

The Baptism of Christ

Abstracted pyramidal shaped figure of seated woman with head and body wrapped in blanket, holding a pot

The Potter

  • Allan Houser, Apache people, Native American
  • bronze
Glossy blackware bowl with Avanyu (water serpent) in raised relief within deeply carved recessed band around bowl; tongue of water serpent in shape of zig-zag terminating in arrow. Areas of the recessed band around Avanyu in matte black.


Seated woman wearing Corn Maiden regalia including tableta headdress, looking at cell phone; adobe pueblo architecture in background with satellite dish, telephone line, and stylized cloud with falling raindrops.

Corn Maiden