The Collection at the BMA

Artist: Paul Storr, England, 1771 - 1844

Intricate stand of finely chased silver designed to support a matching basket, resting on four heavy, scrolled feet with shell motifs, the pierced stand curves inward and upward in a dynamic pattern of scrolling foliage and flowers, the lower edge irregular and centered on each of the four sides with a cast and applied mask, the upper edge likewise irregular and ornamented with foliage, with four undecorated edges at which rest the feet of the basket.

Stand for a Basket

  • Paul Storr, London, England
  • silver

Wine Cooler

Coffee Jug

Tall, elegant silver centerpiece resting on a flat, triangular base with concave sides and guilloche border, mounted on three delicately chased shell feet, the lower body of the centerpiece likewise of triangular form with two bands of guilloche molding and the cast and applied arms of the Earls of Coventry on all three long sides separated by individual molded scroll motifs on the short sides, supported by three dolphins with looped tails between heavy swags of fruit and flowers; on each angle of the lower body stands a female figure of caryatid type sculptured in the round and clad in a classically draped gown and sandals, facing outward, the figures hold in each hand the wand, or scepter, of Dionysus, one surmounted by a pine cone and the other by ivy leaves and berries, so that they form a criss-cross pattern with the wands, which are crossed and tied near the middle with large bows, in the center of the figures is a large round medallion, and resting lightly on the heads of the figures is a circular stand decorated with a frieze of scrolling foliage and flowers below a large bowl of open basketwork rising to a double-plaited edge with a band of guilloche. A glass liner (now missing) originally fit into the bowl.