African Gallery Reinstallation

african gallery web-preview

View of new African gallery

After nearly two years of renovations, the Museum’s African Gallery has been redesigned into a beautiful new space. The renovated gallery features many changes in the presentation of the collection, which is now organized geographically, grouping works from the same regions. Large maps, located throughout the gallery, will assist visitors in easily locating the origin of a particular work.

To enhance the learning experience, the Museum’s mobile application will provide added content, and labels will explore themes and symbolism in African art, reflecting the voices of numerous scholars, writers, musicians, and community members. The space is also be equipped with a large flat screen, designed to enhance the gallery experience by featuring supplemental media, such as documentary footage of art in production and contemporary art composed digitally.

In addition to selections from the Museum’s collection and new acquisitions, the gallery features several works on loan from regional private collections, including East African beadwork and body adornment, Moroccan jewelry, beaded garments, and Ethiopian liturgical objects, among other pieces.


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