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Semi-nude woman gracefully skims surface of a pond with toes of her right foot. As she inclines her body to the proper right she gently cups a calla lily with her right hand to inhale its fragrance. Her left arm is aloft, fingers holding the edge of her white diaphanous garment that billows above. In the background, a slight pink tinge on the landscape signals the arrival of dawn.

L’Aurore (Dawn)

Full-sized Kiowa cradle; buffalo hide beaded in a background of turquoise with stylized floral and triangle designs in colors of red, white, dark green, cobalt, and greasy yellow. Inside of cradle lined in mattress ticking. Separate hide pieces attached at the top of cradle and beaded with two diamond designs of the same colors as the cradle is tacked down to the boards with red painted round brass buttons and hide dangles with metal cones. Cradle is attached to thick boards with upper half painted in blue, red, and yellow and brass tacks following the color designs.


The Collection