Le Village d’Éragny (The Village of Éragny)

Camille Pissarro


Influenced early by Corot, then Courbet, Pissarro became one of the pioneers of the Impressionist movement. In the 1870s Pissarro and Monet worked closely together and drew inspiration from one another. The Impressionists were interested in the transitory, atmospheric effects of light and color; they sought to capture the immediacy of the moment in their works.

Preferring to live in the country, Pissarro moved his family from Paris to the small Norman village of Éragny-sur-Epte in 1884. The countryside offered countless subjects for the artist, who reveled in the light-filled views of the rural area. Here, using muted tones, Pissarro depicted a chilly view of the village, set in the middle distance beyond the fallow fields. He laid short daubs of color densely, one upon another, in the lower two-thirds of the painting, and longer, lighter strokes in the sky. Pissarro likely took into account recently developed optical theories on color as he worked.