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Cole created this monumental print by embedding the perforated surface of an ironing board and twelve iron faceplates into a plywood sheet, flush to its surface. He then applied black ink to the whole and transferred the resulting image onto a sheet of white kozo-shi paper. The silhouetted image of the ironing board's surface resembles a historic slave-ship diagram, and the faceplate designs recall the facial scarification patterns worn by some tribal Africans.


Winter Landscape, Jacob van Ruisdael, oil on canvas

Winter Landscape

Coiled serpent with human face, feathered body, earspools.

The Feathered Serpent Diety, Quetzalcoatl

  • Aztec culture, Tenochtitlan, Mexico, Pre-Columbian
  • stone
A squat image of Ganesha carved in the round


Boxers, Abdourahmane Sakaly, gelatin silver print


Large classic Gandharan seated image of the Buddha.